Teak & Avocado Farms, Hard Assets and NFTs

Managua, Nicaragua

$12,000 USD

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In one of the most pristine and beautiful areas in the world, the dormant Cosiguina Hot Spring Volcano is the backyard to the farm while the front yard is a spectacular sand beach situated on the Gulf of Fonseca.  The area is surrounded by a nature reserve and one of the few areas in the world with wild Macaw parrots.\nThe farm is eco-sensible using solar/wind-assisted irrigation systems, natural fertilization and pest control, and producing employment for the local villagers where very few other economic opportunities exist.\nFor over a century, large land barons and the extremely wealthy have had hardwoods (such as teak) as a significant part of their investment portfolio.  But the investment required to purchase the enormous land holdings in the right location, plant the trees, buy the equipment to maintain and harvest the trees, pay all the staff required and manage the sale to the global lumber wholesalers was not available to the rest of us that make up 99.9% of the population.\nIn addition, the considerable time that it takes hardwoods like teak to grow means that the very lucrative payback takes a reasonably long time to come to fruition. Most people can not afford to invest millions of dollars into a tree farm and wait years until it starts to pay back in multiples.\nFor a very low initial investment you own the Harvest Rights to avocado and teak production!\nYour 3 in 1 NFT will include harvest rights earnings, local artwork and giving back to the community. Vida Verde Agroforestry has solved this dilemma for the smaller investor by offering you the “Harvest Rights” to a combined avocado and teak agroforest.\nHarvest Rights provide you with the contractual ownership to the benefit produced by the land on which the trees sit.  Much like owning the mineral rights of a property, in this case you own the 25 year harvest rights to the production on the land specified in your share. That means what is produced on the land is yours based on the percentage ownership your Share represents of the whole farm.

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