Teak Agricultural Land, High Quality Hardwood Investment

Darien Province, Panama

$12,000 USD

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The Teak tree is a tropical hardwood that has been used for high-end construction, furniture and luxury items for centuries. Explore how an investment in hardwood, generally shown to be high return & low risk, can be your vital aspect for making generational wealth and giving you the ideal Plan B Second Residency. Explore the novel monetary properties of teakwood, for example, being a hedge against inflation. Explore the worldwide market of teak, taking note of the significance of India as the world's essential shipper of teak. Find the reason why Latin America is the most investor‑friendly teak market for North American investors.\nOne of the best reasons to own Teak is the long cycle cash-flow. This idea of a 25-year timeline scares away a lot of investors. But why? The reality is that locking up some small portion of our assets for a long period of time makes a lot of sense. It certainly does to the ultra-wealthy.\nThe wealthiest families on the planet, the top 1%, have locked up vast portions of their wealth for time frames even longer than this. Harvard has 10% of its endowment in timber.\nTeak and other forestry investments give lasting stability to a portfolio. Trees literally grow through extended periods of economic recession. They continue compounding in value, annually adding to their worth no matter what the markets are doing.\nAnother reason to invest in forestry are environmental reasons. For some, this is reason enough, but as a conservationist, I hold balance to be critically important. The good news is that the environmental reason actually folds neatly into the conservation reason and produces a powerful win-win for the environment and investor.\nIncreasing population pressures around the globe are adding to massive deforestation. Teak, specifically, is being harvested 8-12 times faster than it is being replanted. Habitats for wildlife are shrinking in many parts of the planet. The balance of living things could be in jeopardy and, if a tipping point is reached, catastrophe could be one possible outcome.

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